Are ORIENTANA cosmetic and their ingredients tested on animals?

No and we believe that science can end animal testing. Our cosmetics and ingredients have never been tested on animals. Our cosmetics do not contain raw material taken from animals with harm to them or from dead bodies such as animal fat. We test all cosmetics dermatologically on people who volunteer for testing.

Are ORIENTANA cosmetics vegan?

95% of our cosmetics are vegan and we marked them Vegan-friendly. When we use animal-derived ingredients such as bees wax, goat milk and snail secretion – they are obtained without any harm to animals. We have never used animal ingredients that are obtained in a harmful way and never used ingredients from dead animal bodies.

What makes your cosmetics unique compared to other cosmetics?

ORIENTANA cosmetics are made from Asian herbs used in natural medicine. Traditionally used for thousands of years now their benefits have scientifically been proven by scientists. ORIENTANA knows the beauty secrets of amla, neem, ginger, Japanese rose, lemongrass, papaya, Kali Musli and more. Our cosmetic formulas derive from Ayurveda, Korean natural medicine, Chinese natural medicine and we are fascinated by Asian nature!

We use only natural, unprocessed plant extracts: cold pressed plant oils, vegetable butters, fresh plant extracts. Cosmetics made with these unprocessed ingredients do not lose their precious values. Due to this, ORIENTANA cosmetics re-establish natural functions of the skin, stimulate its metabolism and reconstruction. Our cosmetics are made from herbs used in natural medicine so their function is far more than cosmetic care. Some of them if possible are hand-made. All are made based on proven traditional Asian recipes and modern science. ORIENTANA effectively combines the power of nature with modern ingredients approved in natural cosmetics formula.

What are the benefits of using natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics do not pollute the environment, are not tested on animals, all ingredients are natural and free from chemicals. On longer runs they show better skin care results. ORIENTANA makes cosmetics free from parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, silicones, SLS/SLES/ ALS, PEGS. We are cruelty free and palm oil free. ORIENTANA has never been testing on animals!

Where ORIENTANA cosmetics are produced?

ORIENTANA effectively combines the power of nature with modern and approved cosmetic formulas. We use what is the best from Asian plants. We know the beauty secrets from Asian herbs such as ashwagandha, brahmi, neem, ginger, reishi, turmeric, papaya, cassia and more. In order to bring out the maximum potency of the ingredients used in our cosmetics, we produce them in Poland, Europe and some cosmetics that require fresh herbs to use in formulas are manufactured in our factory in India.  India factory has all necessary certificates required by strict European cosmetic law (GMP , ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22716: 2007, ISO, 16128-2:2017). What is more our products have Ayurvedic certificate granted by the government). ORIENTANA uses the highest-quality ingredients from carefully-selected suppliers and carefully controls the entire production process.

Do ORIENTANA cosmetics have English stickers and descriptions?

ORIENTANA is the European brand and we understand the need to provide clear instructions for the use of products and to share with our consumers all the necessary information about the product and its composition. For this reason all our products have English version. You can also write to us by Contact Us, on FB or Instagram. We will be happy to help you use our products!

Are all ORIENTANA packages are Zero Waste?

The vast majority of our packaging is in line with the zero waste trend. We are constantly working on improving our recipes and packaging. The “zero waste” direction is our priority in order to be more ecological and to protect our planet. We switch to glass jars, and we use paper packing without plastic for solid balms, hennas, lip products.

How can I find the right product for my skin?

Product recommendations as well as information about your skin type and individual care needs can be found in our webpage bookmark: SHOP BY CONCERN. You can also write to us through by Contact Us, on FB or Instagram. We will be happy to help you use our products!

Is the effectiveness of ORIENTANA cosmetics proven?

The effectiveness of the active ingredients used in ORIENTANA cosmetics has been proven in scientific studies. Moreover, all our formulas have been dermatologically tested for their skin-friendliness. Every products that we launch is researched in pre-launch period and its claims are proven by testing organization.

I would like to cooperate with you. What should I do?

Please contact us on the email address below: [email protected]

We look forward to receive your inquiry!

Is the package recyclable?

All our package is recyclable. Paper packing is biodegradable.

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