Hazel Brown Bio Henna – Short Hair

Dark Brown Bio Henna - Long Hair
Caramel Brown Bio Henna - Short Hair
Hazel Brown Bio Henna - Short Hair
Dark Brown Bio Henna - Long Hair
Caramel Brown Bio Henna - Short Hair
Product experience

Delight your senses with intense herbal aroma of the Hazel Brown Bio Henna for Medium-Length and Short Hair which will have excellent effects on your hair and mind.
Be surprised with the easiness of application of the Hazel Brown Bio Henna for Medium-Length and Short Hair. The well-ground green powder becomes thick and paste-like after mixing with water.
Ideal for everyone eager for hazel brown hair dye. However, if your hair is totally grey, blonde or chemically bleached, please make a test before applying the product.
You hair will feel nourished and soft while your scalp will regain its healthy balance.
Your hair will be permanently dyed hazel brown and become voluminous, longer and shiny.

  • Lawsonia – effective brown hair dye and hair conditioner which will make your hair voluminous, glossy and healthy
  • Amla – strengthening your hair, preventing it from graying and dandruff, regenerating scalp and improving healthy hair growth
  • Neem – encouraging hair growth, making hair stronger and smoother

INCI: Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Extract, Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder, Eclipta Alba, Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract, Arnica Cordifolia.


“The application is not problematic since the paste does not down on hair. It takes two days to see the results but it’s worth it. Besides excellent color, my hair became lush and smooth.”

•  •  •

“My hair and scalp is in visibly better condition after the first application of this hazel brown hair dye. The color has a cool tone which looks perfect on me. The amount of the product is enough for medium-length hair.”

•  •  •

“The best hair care product for coloring. It leaves hair hazel brown, shiny and smooth. I see that my hair is stronger now and more voluminous. I like that!”

How to use

Pour water (about 50 °C) into a ceramic bowl and add the powder. Mix thoroughly until the consistency will become thick and resemble a paste. Precede application with washing your hair with your favorite natural shampoo. Dry your hair using a towel. Put on the included gloves and protect your clothes. Wait until the paste is cooled down and spread it evenly on your hair, starting from the roots of your hair. Put on the included cap and wait for about two hours. Wash your hair with warm water only. For the following 48 hours don’t apply any products on your hair. You can fully enjoy the final result after two days from the application.

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Hazel Brown Bio Henna – Short Hair

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You deserve to fall in love with your hair over and over again! The Hazel Brown Bio Henna for Medium-Length and Short Hair works great as the brown hair dye as well as the best conditioner. Lack of chemical components, totally vegan formula, carefully chosen ingredients which will surprise you with excellent final effects are not the only benefits of using this product. Are you tempted yet?

  • It’s perfect for vegans
  • It includes 100% natural ingredients
  • Your hair will permanently get a hazelnut brown color in a cool tone
  • Your hair will be in visibly better condition
  • Your hair volume will be improved
  • Your hair structure will be smoothened
  • Your hair will become shiny and lush
  • You will notice the appearance of baby hair

4 reviews for Hazel Brown Bio Henna - Short Hair

  1. scrabby

    Funktioniert nicht.

    Leider hat sich der Aufwand nicht gelohnt. Meine grauen Ansätze sind wenig abgedeckt und schimmern je nach Lichteinfall sogar leicht grün.

    One person found this helpful

  2. Emily Tibbs

    Great price, great product .

    Easy to use, prompt delivery and my hair feels and looks lovely, this will now be a regular purchase for me. Thanks very much, very highly recommended product and company.

    5 people found this helpful

  3. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Your hair will feel deeply nourish .

    Great product . It will cover grey hair but they won’t have exactly same colour like the rest of the hair slightly lighter . Even after the first application hair become more thicker and shiny . You will notice the difference . Make sure you don’t wash them for 24 h after application .

    5 people found this helpful

  4. Enders

    Tolles Ergebnis

    Deckt sogar leicht ergrautes Haar ab. Schöner Farbton.

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