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    Indian Jasmine Body Oil

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Orientana natural body oils have been designed based on a unique formula. We have thoroughly analysed Ayurvedic formulas, selected and tested ingredients to make best oils for your skin. We have combined top quality plant oils to deliver most gentle still effective product. Our natural body oils are free of paraffin, mineral oils, artificial scents and other potentially harmful components. So if you care for your own health and well-being and want to protect the planet go for Orientana products packed with all-natural oils only.
Oil-based beauty treatments date back to ancient times. Oils are produced from fruit stones and seeds and plant sprouts. We use cold-pressed and non-refined oils with natural scent and valuable features intact. They deliver a wide range of endless valuable components and are easily absorbed and assimilated. They are completely safe, do not irritate the skin and show strong moisturising, regenerating, nourishing and soothing effects. The blend of valuable ingredients is impressive: natural, polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, microelements, phospholipids and vitamins.
Orientana natural oils offer not just multi-dimensional care for the body but also soothe the mind and enhance relaxation with pleasant scents. You may choose oils with sandal tree and turmeric, lemon grass and ginger, Japanese rose, geranium or Indian jasmine. Slather on right after your bath to still warm and moist skin. Immediately soaks into the skin. No grease just glow. A ritual you will feel good about.
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