White Mulberry White knight for your skin

Its miraculous action has been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its leaves are considered to be the most valuable element of white mulberry. The extract from them was adored by Japanese geishas because it effectively evens out skin discoloration. White mulberry has an anti-inflammatory effect and additionally soothes irritation. It also has firming properties. Little-known fact: mulberry extract will reduce your appetite for sweets and help you lose weight. If your skin needs moisturizing and soothing, try our products with white mulberry.

Products with White Mulberry

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  • Vitamin C & Mulberry Face SerumVitamin C & Mulberry Face Serum

    Vitamin C & Mulberry Face Serum

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  • Mulberry & Licorice Face CreamMulberry & Licorice Face Cream

    Mulberry & Licorice Face Cream

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