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    Mulberry & Licorice Face Cream

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Oily skin can be really problematic. But you need to know that the key to success in its care is to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin. If you use strong, drying cosmetics, then your skin will start to defend itself and will produce even more sebum. Consequently, you will have to face more imperfections. Cleaning of oily skin must be thorough and preferably take place in a few steps. You should start with oil, then foam and face-wash gel (without SLS)! Then it is necessary to apply an alcohol-free tonic suitable for oily skin and do a natural mechanical peeling once or twice a week. It will effectively exfoliate dead skin cells. A cleaning clay mask or moisturizing mask for oily skin is also a good solution to minimize excessive sebum production. Natural creams for only skin prevent shine during the day and effectively moisturize the skin at night. If your skin suffers from many imperfections, you should pay attention to your diet. Consume only fresh, unprocessed food, including lots of vegetables. Avoid fast-food, sparkling beverages and sweets. These are often the reason of unpleasant changes on the skin.

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