Indian Jasmine Gift from gods

Its name originates from the Persian word “yasmin” which means “gift from gods”. This flower comes from Asia, but is widely used in religious rituals on Sri Lanka and in India. Baskets filled with jasmine flowers are placed at the feed of figures of the gods. This is also the national symbol of the Philippines and Pakistan. It smells most beautifully at dusk. Then is when its petals are collected, which are then used to produce jasmine oil. This, in turn, is used for aromatherapy and massage. No wonder, its scent removes stress and has antidepressant effect. It also gives a feeling of relaxation. It’s an excellent aphrodisiac! Its advantages have also been recognized in cosmetology. It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It has a moisturizing and strengthening effect. If you are looking for products for your skin and hair with strong moisturizing effect, choose our natural cosmetics containing this ingredient.

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