Find our best-selling natural cosmetics which our precious customers choose most often ! Meet our game changers! You will be addicted to them. They will make your skin routine pleasant and the results will really astonish you.

Orientana best sellers are natural, efficient, have beautiful scent and give you pleasure! Based on Ayurvedic formulations, proven by the modern science they will bring you to Bali spa the moment you open the container.

Our natural game changers are face, body and hair cosmetics. Reach for snail slime face cream which is almost 99% natural. Try reishi face creams which corrects face oval in a natural way. Use Kali Musli cosmetics if you have redness-prone and sensitive skin. Hydrate at night with face essences which are gels made of Japanese plant – konjac. Taste sandalwood & turmeric cream which is a comprehensive rejuvenating solution with beautiful scent.

Among body products you choose most often natural breast oil and 100% natural body oils with scents straight from Thai spa. 

What about hair cosmetics? Your favourites are Ayurvedic Therapy Gotu Kola, Ayurvediac Hair Tonner Amla and our exeptional Bio Hennas !


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