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Natural face bio serum is a blend of effective Asian plants and modern naturally-derived ingredients. It has been designed to successfully target specific skin concerns. Serum is lightweight yet its composition is as weighty as in creams! It’s packed with an array of valuable ingredients such as plant extracts from brahma, mulberry, neem or tulsi combined with modern organic ingredients, e.g. hyaluronic acid, Adiposlim, Sepicotrol A5 (cinnamon bark essential) or vitamin C.
Natural face bio serum has a thin, water-based consistency. To be applied before or instead of cream. Serum ingredients are able to penetrate deeper than other topicals that’s why you should introduce serum into your daily routine. Bio serum is all-natural, its texture is light and it offers prompt an effective results. Each bio serum is packaged in dark bottles to block out UV light that
can deactivate highly concentrated ingredients. And the dropper is ideal for sterile application.
Orientana offers four types of natural face bio serum. Depending on your skin type you may opt for a product customised to your needs. Dehydrated and mature skin? Go for bio serum with brahmi extract and hyaluronic acid that will deeply moisturise your skin and deliver anti-aging benefits. Frequent skin imperfections and mixed or oily skin? Then anti-inflammatory bio serum with neem and tulsi oils is a perfect match. Bio serum with vitamin C and white mulberry is formulated specifically to treat skin discoloration and redness. The best way to handle dehydrated, grey and dull skin is the natural face bio serum featuring honey and propolis extracts. Get yours now!
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