Chinese Peony The queen of flowers

According to the Chinese legend, peonies were the only flowers which followed the course of nature, despite the order of the ruthless empress. Therefore, the flower fairies declared peonies as the queens of flowers. In China, peony symbolizes honor, spring, feminine beauty, wealth and high social class. It delights with its beautiful fragrance and calming effects. Additionally, it has anti-allergenic properties and a positive influence on improving blood circulation. In cosmetics, the most valuable element of peony is its root, which contains paeoniflorin glycoside. According to the latest scientific research, it is an excellent protection of skin cells against photo-ageing. Additionally, it makes the skin smooth and firm. In addition to its regenerative effect on the condition of the skin, it has a wide range of therapeutic uses. It perfectly copes with atopic dermatitis and acne. If your skin needs regeneration and rejuvenation, you should try our cosmetics with this ingredient.

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