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Our hennas and dyes are all-natural packed with environment-friendly ingredients and best Ayurvedic herbs. They are free of artificial colouring agents or pigments, preservatives, fixatives, ammonia or the popular 3-nitro-p-Hydroxyethylaminophenol. Freshly harvested herbs are dried, powdered, tightly packed and quickly transported to shops not to lose any of its valuable properties and deliver vibrant colours.
Orientana offers a few types of shapes available in various package sizes depending on the length of hair. You can also get a transparent hair conditioner to make your hair soft, shiny and resilient, stimulate hair growth and keep your scalp healthy. Bio hennas work not only as hair dyes but deeply nourish hair, increase the volume, smooth and ease hair structure. Natural henna forms layers around each single hair, penetrates hair, combines with ceratine to promote vibrant and lasting colour and to protect against harmful external conditions.
Considering ideal single shade hair, reviving and enriching the colour or covering first grey hair? Orientana bio hennas will address all those needs. Formulated with 100% natural and healthy components to deliver effective and safe hair treatment!
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