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  • Papaya & Ashwagandha Face ScrubPapaya & Ashwagandha Face Scrub

    Papaya & Ashwagandha Face Scrub

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  • Jasmine & Green Tea Face TonerJasmine & Green Tea Face Toner

    Jasmine & Green Tea Face Toner

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  • Ginger & Lemongrass Face TonerJasmine & Green Tea Face Toner

    Ginger & Lemongrass Face Toner

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  • Snail Slime Face EssenceSnail Slime Face Essence

    Snail Slime Face Essence

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  • Kantola Cleansing FoamKantola Cleansing Foam

    Kantola Cleansing Foam

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  • Snail Natural Face CreamAshwagandha Face Cream

    Snail Natural Face Cream

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  • Turmeric Rich CreamTurmeric Rich Cream

    Turmeric Rich Cream

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  • Rosemary Silk Eye MaskRosemary Silk Eye Mask

    Rosemary Silk Eye Mask

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  • Japanese Rose & Saffron Face OilSandalwood & Turmeric Face Oil

    Japanese Rose & Saffron Face Oil

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  • Reishi & Red Algae Energy BoosterReishi & Red Algae Energy Booster

    Reishi & Red Algae Energy Booster

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Tired and dull skin requires immediate remedial actions to be taken. Cosmetics with the addition of mica, which will give an instantly visible effect of brightness and freshness, will be excellent. However, daily care is of equal importance. Thorough make-up removal with the use of gentle but effective ingredients will allow you to effectively cleanse your skin. Regular peeling will remove dead cells and give your skin a fresh appearance. It is worth choosing a natural peeling that contains additional moisturizing and nourishing substances, such as oils. A nourishing cream should become your basis of care. It can be used alone or supported by a serum. In order to provide your skin with a daily portion of moisture, it is good to use an alcohol-free, natural tonic even several times a day and moisturizing masks dedicated for tired skin – even several times a week. A half-hour walk in the park or forest every day will also help you to oxygenate your body, improve metabolism and give your skin a radiant glow.

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