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Natural hair conditioners will deliver strong and healthy hair. Contrary to traditional conditioners found in drug stores they offer an array of benefits and go much further than just the look. Most traditional conditioners are packed with strong chemical components that may be harmful to hair in the long run. Many feature silicones giving the illusionary feeling of softness. They form additional layer around hair and can keep nutrients from getting in or penetrating hair strands. Regularly used, silicone will weigh the hair down and it does not wash out easily. Yet we have found a solution to replace silicon-based conditioner with natural ones. We have blended active plant ingredients to deeply nourish hair and keep it soft and silky. Natural hair conditioners do not damage the lipid barrier on your scalp and instantly penetrate hair with valuable ingredients. With time hair gets permanently nourished and restored.
Feeling convinced to go for natural cosmetics? Try out our effective, regenerative conditioners developed with Indian plants and in sync with Ayurvedic formula. Ginger & lemongrass conditioner dedicated to all types of hair, makes it shine, softens and smoothens or jasmine & Indian almond conditioner to regenerate, nourish and add volume to thick and fragile hair. Both conditioners give ultra hydration to scalp. Used with natural Ayurvedic shampoo they will nourish your hair and leave it vibrantly shiny and glowing.
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