loss of elasticity

Loss of skin elasticity is primarily a natural process that progresses with age. However, it can also affect younger people – for example, in the case of sudden weight loss or improper care. It is not a reversible process, but it can be prevented and significantly slowed down. Skin that has lost its elasticity needs, above all, deep hydration and regeneration. This can be done with natural face oils as well as vegetable butter and natural cosmetics based on these ingredients. Hyaluronic acid used as a concentrated serum is also effective. During the care of the skin that suffers from loss of elasticity, it is worth to introduce a daily ritual – namely, a gentle massage with oil to your face performed from the bottom upwards. You should avoid hot water, rough towels and cosmetics that dry the epidermis or contain alcohol. You should also avoid peel-off masks which make the epidermis thin and stretched even more. Strong peelings will not work either. Instead, you should choose gentle enzymatic peelings, mild facial cleansing gels and oil-based cleansers. These will be perfect. Your weekly care should be enriched with masks in cream or a sheet saturated with biopeptides and active natural ingredients that will penetrate deep into your skin. Asian Reishi mushrooms, fu ling and cica plant are also an ally of skin suffering from loss of elasticity. These ingredients will effectively improve your skin density and thus make it more elastic.

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