Cassia Herbal hair conditioner

Cassia, also known as neutral henna, is very popular in its country of origin – India, where it’s used as a natural hair conditioner. It repairs the structure of hair, making it shiny and silky soft. The high content of anthraquonine and chrysanthemumic acid in cassia has proven antibacterial and antifungal effects. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is widely used to treat dermatitis, eczema and folliculitis. Although it is a small bush, it has a great effect on both the scalp and hair. If you want to give your hair a new and better look, try our products with this ingredient. Your hair will become thicker, smoother and shiny.

Products with Cassia

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  • Neutral Bio Henna Conditioner - Long HairDark Brown Bio Henna - Long Hair

    Neutral Bio Henna Conditioner – Long Hair

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