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  • Reishi Natural Vegan Night CreamReishi & Rhodiola Glow Day Booster

    Reishi Natural Vegan Night Cream

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  • Reishi Natural Vegan Day CreamReishi Natural Vegan Night Cream

    Reishi Natural Vegan Day Cream

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  • Japanese Rose & Pandan Face TonerJasmine & Green Tea Face Toner

    Japanese Rose & Pandan Face Toner

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  • Snail Natural Face CreamAshwagandha Face Cream

    Snail Natural Face Cream

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  • Snail Natural Eye CreamSnail Natural Eye Cream

    Snail Natural Eye Cream

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  • Ashwagandha Face CreamAshwagandha Face Cream

    Ashwagandha Face Cream

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  • Japanese Rose & Saffron Face OilSandalwood & Turmeric Face Oil

    Japanese Rose & Saffron Face Oil

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  • Reishi & Rhodiola Glow Day BoosterReishi & Rhodiola Glow Day Booster

    Reishi & Rhodiola Glow Day Booster

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  • Reishi & Violet Rice Renew Night BoosterReishi & Violet Rice Renew Night Booster

    Reishi & Violet Rice Renew Night Booster

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  • Reishi & Red Algae Energy BoosterReishi & Red Algae Energy Booster

    Reishi & Red Algae Energy Booster

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The skin ageing process is completely natural and as soon as it signs become visible, it is worth implementing appropriate care. The skin will assimilate cosmetics better when its pores are cleaned, so daily thorough make-up removal is essential. The cleansing formulas cannot be aggressive, but it is good it these contain natural oils and plant extracts. It is necessary to use an alcohol-free tonic which can be sprayed on the face, neck and cleavage not only before applying the cream but also during the day. There are various skin creams for the first signs of aging, available on the market. Natural cosmetics with the addition of active extracts, such as snail slime or Reishi fungus are the best choice. These ingredients care for shallow wrinkles, eliminate discoloration and effectively firm the skin. You can also use the serum under cream. The first signs of aging are the most visible on the skin around the eyes and it is worth to implement care that would moisturize and brighten up the area. Every few days you should use a mask in a cream or a sheet with moisturizing and regenerating properties.

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