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Do you know that hair caring is incredibly integrated into Hindu culture? Hair treatment rituals have been passed from generation to generation for centuries. Hindu women believe in the power of oils and herbs. Every week they arrange an evening to take care of their beauty. Take out valuable hair oils and herbs, mix warm powders and gently massaged into scalp. Natural therapies and hair oils strengthen hair strands, prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and improve the overall condition of the scalp. The hair becomes shiny and soft. No wonder Hindu women are known for impossibly glossy, long, lustrous and healthy-looking hair. You can enjoy such hair too!
Try out our natural hair rituals and oils! You may go for oil treatment comprising herbs and Asian plant extracts formulated in sync with ancient medical system of Ayurveda or no-oil water-based hair toner rich in plant extracts. All depends on the condition of your hair and expected results. If you have weak and thinning hair you will benefit most from Ayurvedic treatment featuring amla, gotu kola and neem extracts. Do you want to delay your hair from turning grey? Start using Ayurvedic oil abundant in amla and bhringraj herbs to strengthen the colour and prevent premature greying. Dry hair with split ends? You need a coconut therapy to deeply moisturise, nourish and strengthen your hair. Not sure about the oils? The hair toner in a spray bottle comes in handy. Regularly massaged to your scalp it will strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and deliver long-lasting freshness! Three oil-based therapies or plant-based hair toner – you decide!
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