fine lines & wrinkles

Orientana natural cosmetics can help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Our cosmetics are rich in active plant ingredients, most of which is adaptogens helping the skin. This concern requires products rich in oils but face creams do not necessarily have to have an oily consistency. Instead, these should be rich in active ingredients that effectively reduce wrinkles both on the entire face and on the skin around the eyes. Snail slime and Reishi fungus extract are particularly effective. These will additionally restore youthful skin density and improve its oval shape. A necessary element of care is the regular use of both the face serum, which will strengthen the action of creams and natural masks, which will firm and moisturize your skin. Your diet should be enriched with oils, sea fish, vegetables as well as fruits rich in antioxidants, which will additionally provide a young appearance of your skin.

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