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Sensitive and redness-prone skin needs special care. The best day cream dedicated to its needs is the basic element of every morning. The formula used for make-up removal as well as for washing the face should be gentle and not violate the protective barrier of the skin. However, it should effectively remove all impurities. It certainly must be free of any strong detergents, such as SLS/SLES or ALS. At night, sensitive skin has time to regenerate. Once a week, a gentle enzyme peeling should be done to help remove dead cells. Nonetheless, it should be not aggressive to the skin. With sensitive skin you should avoid the consumption of spicy seasonings and caffeine. The best sensitive skin cosmetics are based on natural ingredients that heal and cure sensitivity. Following long time scientific research and based on Ayurvedic natural medicine we chose Kali Musli – the secret herb that is proven to treat this very demanding skin.

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