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face masks

Natural sheet face masks originate in South Korean and have become an essential product in Asian skin care. Asian women use such masks very frequently, if not daily, to address various skin concerns. Following a thorough analysis, extensive research and bearing in mind the Asian beauty regimen we have decided to satisfy the needs of our clients and offer them natural skin treatment. We have designed two types of natural face masks, purifying and nourishing, formulated with natural clays and oils and the so-called sheetmask to boost the hydration level to plump and refine the skin. The star ingredients of clay masks are kaolin clay, betonite clay and fuller’s earth rich in valuable macro and microelements to effectively eliminate toxins and impurities. Face masks contain specific extracts and plant oils to address varying skin types. Oily and problematic skins will benefit from clay mask featuring neem and tea tree oils. Women with mixed skin type should go for clay mask with ginger and lemongrass oils. For those with dry or normal skin, clay mask with almond and saffron oils will be a perfect match.
Silk sheet masks are made of different ingredients yet they are equally effective. The base is a natural silky fabric from mulberry bark soaked in biopepetides and plant extracts. The fabric fits tightly the face and highly concentrated substances penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. They are easy to use and there’s no need to lie down. Orientana offers five types of silk sheet masks each to deliver different benefits. You’re bound to find a perfect mask to meet your needs. Last but not least, our natural face masks are absolute top quality!
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