Almond As sweet as a nut

The almond tree resembles a peach tree. This truly royal plant was used in the past to make scepters for kings. Today, almond seeds are used to press almond oil ,which is rich in numerous nutrients. Among them there are proteins, mineral salts as well as vitamins (A, E, D and B). Thanks to this rich composition, almond oil is beneficial to the skin, which is why many natural cosmetics include it in their composition. Among the numerous benefits of almond oil, the improvement of skin elasticity and firmness can be distinguished. Additionally, by strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin, this component effectively delays the aging process. When used on hair and scalp, almond oil promotes non-frizzy and silky hair growth and delays the process of graying. If you want to enjoy the beautiful appearance of your skin and hair for longer, choose our products containing this ingredient.

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