Asian Loofah Plant sponge

Asians commonly use it in the kitchen. Although it looks like a cucumber, its taste is similar to zucchini. It’s delicious when baked, grilled or steamed. However, after drying it becomes similar to a sponge. It’s quite rough as is great for washing dishes, cleaning clothes or washing body. Natural cosmetics available in our offer, which contain this ingredient, perfectly exfoliate the epidermis and improve microcirculation. Additionally, they have refreshing properties. Loofah water visibly increases the level of skin hydration If you are looking for products that cleanse and regenerate the epidermal cells, have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect and will strengthen your skin, choose our cosmetics containing this ingredient.

Products with Asian Loofah

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  • Asian Loofah Face MaskSnail Secretion Filtrate Face Mask

    Asian Loofah Face Mask

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