Kaolin Clay Precious mineral

It’s extracted from inside the earth. Thanks to its white color it is also known as a porcelain clay. It is incredibly delicate and has a light consistency. It consists of aluminum silicate, microelements and mineral salts. The first of its components has healing properties. In turn, microelements and mineral salts nourish and regenerate the skin. In addition, kaolin clay facilitates the removal of toxins circulating in the body, so it’s effectively used to treat inflammation. Additionally, it smoothes the epidermis. If you’d love to prevent breakouts before they being and get rid of acne, you should definitely try our products including this ingredient.

Products with Kaolin Clay

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  • Neem & Tea Tree Clay Face Mask -3 pcsAlmond & Saffron Clay Face Mask -3 pcs

    Neem & Tea Tree Clay Face Mask -3 pcs

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