Schisandra Superfruits for super skin

Schisandra fruits have a scientifically proven therapeutic effect. Their miraculous properties were already well known in 2697 BC. It is widely known, not since today, that schisandra fruits contain lots of valuable substances. Nevertheless, scientists have only recently discovered the extraordinary cosmetic properties of schisandra. According to them, it’s an excellent barrier protecting the skin from toxins and harmful impacts of environment. In addition to strengthening the protective barrier of the skin, citronella extract preventing the effects of oxidative stress and reducing free radicals. If you are looking for skin protection and wellness, deep moisture and reduction of the appearance of fine lines, you should definitely choose our products containing this ingredient. You will be delighted with a youthful glow of your skin!

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  • Moringa & Schisandra Anti Pollution Cream

    Moringa & Schisandra Anti Pollution Cream

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