New trends

Orientana Team is always working on something totally new. There are so many Asian herbs that now modern science discovered and their feature are proven by natural medicine.  We cooperate with scientists in Europe, India and USA who at present are researching new herbal ingredients and clinically proving their benefits.

We just launched new natural lip products. Not only natural but vegan, zerowaste and hygienic in use. This was the goal for us when we commenced our task four years ago.  And the result is great ! Four new products for lipcare which our customers asked for. We listen to you. Just challenge us !

The new arrivals are two lip balms and two lip scrubs in two fragrances and colors. We called them  ENERGY or SWEET.  ENERGY lip products are yellow and their aroma comes from mango and citruses, while SWEET products are rose and their aroma is floral. They are composed of more than 98% natural ingredients, based on coconut oil, shea butter, apricot seed oil and plant waxes. The lip scrubs have additionally sugarcane which will delicately exfoliate lips.

Hellow ! They are packed in paper sticks as we really care about our planet and you can be sure you are close to planet’s need when you are using them.

Of course they work great on lips. Hydration, nourishment, comprehensive care is what you expect and what we deliver.


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