Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy

Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy
Product experience

Calm your senses with delicate scent of herbs and coconut.
Fall in love with the easiness of application of this product due to its oily texture.
This hair oil is perfect for anyone who suffers from hair loss and has weak hair that needs special attention.
Your hair will feel strengthened, nourished and thicken.
Your hair will visibly improve. It will become stronger and shiny. New, healthy hair will grow and you will get rid of the problem of hair loss.

  • Coconut Oil – Effective protector against scalp injuries, making hair deeply nourished and shiny
  • Seasame Oil – Providing hair with excellent nourishment, regulating sebum secretion
  • Milk Ferment – Having nourishing, straightening and regenerating effects
  • Cardamom Oil – Stimulating new and healthy hair growth
  • Eclipta Alba Powder – Preventing hair loss and premature hair graying
  • Terminalia Chebula Extract – Antioxidant with protective effects
  • Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract – Supporting new and healthy hair growth, regenerating and strengthening the scalp
  • Jasminum Officinale Flower Oil – Having nourishing properties
  • Abrus Precatorius Root Extract – Having antibacterial and anti-allergic effects
  • Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit Extract – Preventing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth
  • Wheatgerm Oil – Having nourishing and regenerating effects
  • Citrus Medica Vulgaris Peel Oil – Having anit-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-itching properties
  • Nardostachys Jatamansi Oil – Preventing hair loss and premature hair graying, simulating new hair growth
  • Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil – Working as a hair conditioner and scalp toner
  • Neem Extract – Having regenerating and strengthening properties
  • Lawsonia Inermis Extract – Providing hair with shine, nourishment and smoothness; making it thick
  • Berbeis Aristata Root Extract – Preventing hair loss, having anti-bacterial and anti-dandruff properties
  • Anacyclus Pyrethrum Root Extract – Preventing hair loss, regenerating scalp, having anti-dandruff properties
  • Acorus Calamus Root Oil – Stimulating new, healthy hair growth, providing nourishment to hair roots
  • Root Licorice Extract – Having regenerative, nourishing and anti-bacterial effects, regulating sebum secretion

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Lactobactillus Ferment, Arctium Lappa Root Extract, Elettaria Cardamonum Seed Oil, Calamine, Eclipta Alba Powder, Terminalia Chebula Extract, Smilax Aristolochiifolia Root Oil, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Jasminum Officinale Flower Oil, Abrus Precatorius Root Extract, Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit Extract, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Citrus Medica Vulgaris Peel Oil, Cinnamomum Camphora Bark Oil, Indigofera Tinctoria Extract, Nardostachys Jatamansi Oil, Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil, Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract, Lawsonia Inermis Extract, Berberis Aristata Root Extract, Anacyclus Pyrethrum Root Extract, Acorus Calamus Root Oil, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract.


“My favorite 100% natural hair oil. It helped me to deal with the problem of hair loss. Additionally, my hair became beautifully shiny and visibly nourished. I love the scent as well!”

•  •  •

“The Ayurvedic Hair Therapy proves again that ayurvedic ingredients have a great power. The effect is beyond my wildest expectations! After one month of regular using, I got rid of dandruff and new baby hair appeared. This product is a hit!”

•  •  •

“This oil has totally changed my life! The appearance of my hair is now excellent. I was always suffering from excessive hair loss and dandruff. I use this hair treatment for hair oiling and my hair condition has noticeably improved. It has stimulated the growth of baby hair and stopped hair fall. My hair is no longer as weak as a kitten.”

How to use

Massage few drops of the Ayurvedic Hair Therapy oil to your scalp and hair. Relax for few hours or go to sleep. Wash your hair and enjoy excellent effects!

Where else to buy

Gotu Kola Ayurvedic Hair Therapy


105 ml

Do you wonder how to make your hair grow faster? Are you looking for effective hair loss treatment? Then you should make friends with the Ayurvedic Hair Therapy! This natural hair oil is rich in various active ingredients that will stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair, improve hair condition and prevent hair loss. Are your tempted yet?

  • 100% natural formula without any chemical ingredients
  • It will prevent hair loss
  • It will strengthen your hair
  • It will stimulate new, healthy hair growth
  • Your hair will become shiny and visibly nourished


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